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Our plastic pallets, made from injected plastic, have gained popularity because they have their own characteristics and are usually used in very specific sectors. Below we will explain in detail why they are found in a greater number of warehouses and the advantages and disadvantages they have compared to wooden pallets and metal pallets.  We are one of well know plastic pallets manufacturers and we are famous because of quality plastic pallets.

Plastic Pallets Manufacturers

Types of Plastic Pallets

Below are different types of plastic pallets:

Dimensions: The two types of pallets currently used are the so-called European (1200x800mm) and American (1200x1000mm) , which are named after the areas where each one predominates.

Number of entries: In this case there are two types of pallets: two inputs and four inputs

EUR EUPAL pallets: Another mark that you probably saw on the pallets, but maybe you did not know what it represented.

About Us - Plastic Pallets Manufacturers

We are leading manufacturers of plastic pallets in the field. You can select the best product from the wide collection in our online portal. We are supplying high quality of pallets products to customers at affordable cost.   From our online portal, you might find different products like corrugated pallets, pallet box, engine pallet, industrial pallet, molded plastic pallets, and much more. Our manufacturers have many years of experience in providing these kinds of goods to clients.   We are offering products to meet the challenges of the clients in the field.  All materials are designed by using a unique approach.

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What is best Plastic Pallet material for manufacturing the plastic pallets?

Our plastic pallets are made from high density polyethylene and polypropylene, and recycled HDPE and PP. Al our plastic pallets  are recycled.

The main advantage of this material is the ease at the time of hygiene, fumigation to exterminate any type of bacteria, the main threat to the classics of wood, does not present many disadvantages. Other advantages are:

  • Good weather resistance
  • Greater durability
  • Resistance to shock.
  • Absence of splinters and nails.

One of its cons to mention, is the difficulty that is presented to be placed on shelves or to repair them, since when damaged they need to be redone, disadvantage that could also be considered an advantage to be 100% recyclable.

What are the Features of Plastic Pallets?

  • The plastic pallets consists of a platform, usually made of plastic, consisting of two floors joined by lagers, which can be manipulated by forklift trucks or transpalets and which allows the grouping of the goods on it, constituting the load unit.
  • It allows the manipulation and distribution of the merchandise until the final destination, in optimal conditions and with the minimum effort.
  • The opening of the markets and the economic globalization make the trade every day bigger and has made the pallet an essential element for the distribution of the products. Currently it is unthinkable to operate without the pallets.
What are the advantages of the Plastic Pallets ?
  • The first of its advantages is that a plastic pallet weighs about half that of one of the same characteristics made of wood.
  • A second advantage is that they are more suitable to proceed to your cleaning, something highly valued, especially in the food industry. In this sense we must bear in mind that plastic pallets of complex design require a mechanized and exhaustive cleaning, since they have many hard-to-access corners in which dirt accumulates very easily.
  • The plastic pallets can be colour and, therefore, customized for each user for better location and control.
  • Finally, they have a greater durability, about ten times greater than those of wood, since they suffer much less the inevitable impacts that occur in their handling.

What are the disadvantages of Plastic Pallet

  • They are more prone to deform under an excessive load.
  • Today they are more expensive than wooden ones.
  • When this type of pallet is wet there is a risk of it slipping on the forks of the trucks, on the dynamic shelves and on the mobile shelves, with the consequent risk of falling or crossing.
  • Lastly, special care must be taken with its resistance. The type of plastic, the thicknesses used, the nerves used, the construction system of the mold and the injection, will influence its strength and rigidity.

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